Are you starting to organize ethical trips and don't know exactly where to start?

You do not have all the tools necessary to implement your project?

Do you enjoy a loyal customer base but too few to satisfy the profitability of your sales given your organizational costs?

You don't have the time or experience required to select the providers offering the most advantageous services yourself?

Click and Travel is a B2b (Business To Business) website that connects different business profiles, through a database, so that they can communicate online to plan all kinds of tourist packages.

Click and Travel is an online system provided for foreign (external) agents to access all files of local services provided by hotels, transport, local businesses and agencies. Therefore, they can partner with local agencies to source and book all travel services for their clients and create safe trips.

Click and Travel provides hotels, tours and transport companies with the opportunity for advance/front-end sales. This possibility ensures the efficiency of supply and availability to trace the occupancy rate:
• It serves as a overall communication structurebetween agencies.
• Considering the transparency and efficiency of our portal, Click and Travel will greatly help the agents linked to this market by avoiding the various problems encountered during the travel seasons.
• Click and Travel is an integrated interface between several systems and set of services offered. It is a familiar, unique and easy to use interface.
• Services integrated securely and perfectly aligned with the needs of the end user.
High levels of transparency and reliability governed by quality standardsin content and processes.
Single portal for all organizations, businesses and bodies that provide relevant online services.
Modular software structure, which provides extensibility for future business needs and through this, creating growth opportunities in the market with new opportunities (Example: ground services, etc.)

Our Concept

Created in 2016, Click and Travel has a vision to inspire and change the future of travel, tourism, by providing a complete management interface and the application of all international quality standards while empowering hotels, the different means of transport and approved agencies.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a website with high performance, security and stability. Which allows all parties involved to collaborate, communicate and execute seamlessly on our website.

We propose

1. A customer management interface allowing you to have visibility on the status of each file created.
2. Different packages including hotels, flights, visas, transport, technical and religious support selected by our team according to the best value for money of the season. This with the possibility of modifying each of the services as you wish.
3. Establishing Umrah visas for your clients and/or booking their hotels and flights
4. The gathering of your group of pilgrims with that of other agencies when it is too small.

The advantages of our offer?

● Tailor-made stays including flight and visa.
● Unbeatable prices for completely private tailor-made trips.
● A team of professionals at your disposal to develop the best stays.
● French legislation guaranteeing the safety of tourist customers (financial guarantee and professional civil liability).
● Advice perfectly adapted to the customer's request.
● An ergonomic and easy-to-use management platform for agents, providing them with strong added value.
● A team of advisors known for their responsiveness to travel agents.